5 Day Financial Fast: NO Spending Challenge

Break Unhealthy Spending Habits in 5 Days

The purpose of the fast to help break the unhealthy habits that have kept you from reaching your financial goals. 

This Fast is for...

  • Overspending.
  • Shopping Addiction.
  • Have No Savings in Place.
  • Want to make extra lump sum payment on debt. 
  • Exhausted of being broke between paychecks.
  • Begin a new relationship with you money. 
  • Mindset change concerning your finances.

What you expect during this 5 Day Financial Fast. 

  • Unlearn bad thinking and gain a renewed mind about your finances. 
  • Dig deep inside why you spend to fill a void. 
  • Identify unhealthy spending habits. 
  • Discover what a true need is. 
  • Implement a financial journey that will focus on quotes or prosperity scriptures.
  • Create personal financial affirmation.
  • Learn how to use the cash envelope system successfully.
  • and MUCH MUCH MUCH!!!

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Del Shawn  Hayes
Del Shawn Hayes
Certified Financial Education Instructor, Financial Coach, Author and Faith and Finance Speaker

About the instructor

Del Shawn Renee Hayes is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Financial Coach, Author, Faith and Finance Speaker and Notary Public.  

She has completed the Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach. She is a devoted Christian who understands and appreciates that everything we have belongs to God including our financial resources. 

She is the Founder and CEO of Hayes Financial Coaching, LLC, which is a financial education and coaching firm that provides individuals, families, and couples with the tools to meet their financial goals, build wealth and to achieve money control.

Del Shawn firmly believes that Financial Freedom is Ours, as long as we are armed with the proper tools.we can have a debt-free life and financial freedom is ours and we’re more than able with the proper tools.

Also authored of Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Money 1 Step at a Time, a guide to empower and educate everyone concerning their personal finance.

Her love for teaching and educating comes naturally to all ages when it comes to personal finance. As a Speaker, she uses her famous taglines "Move Something", "It's Your Move, Make it Count", and "Living in the Land of Overflow”, and "Money Control is the New You" throughout her workshop and seminars. She brings life into what others think is a hopeless situation.

What's included?

3 Texts
6 PDFs

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